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ghana building plans

Your 3 to 6 Bedroom Building Plans (1 & 2 Storeys) are now available at unbeatable prices.

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5 Bedroom Building Design

wati 4 bedroom house plan

4 bedroom house plan in ghana

It is true that customized residential building plans are very expensive. And this is due to the fact that architects/ building designers and engineers spend a lot of time in making the various spaces in a building to work together as a unit for comfort, aesthetics and functional organisation.

Stock building plans on the other hand are less expensive and always the fastest and most economical way to obtained a building plan for residential purposes.

  1. Fast: Because all the drawings for the various building designs on this website are  ready for printing.
  2. Economical: Because the prices of stock building designs are far less (about 50% lower) than the prices for customized ones.

For Commercial buildings, it is almost always in the right direction to opt for a customized design as the building project may take its scope from a vast array of criteria.

  1. Size and nature of land.
  2. Target Group the building will serve.
  3. Budget for the project.
  4. Time limit for project completion.
  5. Zoning requirements etc.


For Residentiail purposes, we have Building Designs ranging from 3 to 6 bedroom (Single & Two Storey)

which of-course have been carefully designed by professional, licensed and registered architects and Structural Engineers in Ghana.

All the building designs on this website have also been optimized for natural flow of ventillation & daylight to enhance the living experience in any part of the buildings. The benefit is that your bills for cooling and lighting of various rooms are reduced.

Delivery of the complete  printed and signed drawings is within 7 working days.

The list below are the diferent types of drawings we issue for any of our building designs.

Architectural Production Drawings

  1. Site Plan
  2. Block Plan
  3. Floor Plans
  4. Roof Plan
  5. All Important Sections
  6. All Important Elevations
  7. Door Schedule
  8. Window Schedule
  9. Fence Wall Design
  10. Ceiling Plan
  11. Sewage tank details
  12. Special Details

Structural Production Drawings:
  1. Foundation Plan
  2. Floor Slab Details
  3. Column Details
  4. Beam Details
  5. Stair Details
  6. Retaining walls
  7. Roof plan
Services Production Drawings:
  1. Electrical Layout
  2. Plumbing Layout


You only make payment on delivery of (4 sets) of  printed (signed by an architect) drawings to your office or home.

Get your complete Building plans now by indicating which building plan you are interested in, and  e-mail us a copy of your site plan or the dimensions of your piece of land.

You may also upload your site plan by using the "Browse Button" before "ADD TO CART" button on the product pages before CHECKING OUT.

Delivery takes less than 7 working days from the day you placed the order.

And you save over 30%.

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